Guest Blog: Chrissy from PARLOUR Salon

My friend Chrissy at the Parlour Salon is amazingly talented and offered to write up a few helpful hair tricks and trends for us! Enjoy her guest blog below!

Dear Cincy Chic Readers,

[A love letter from a stylist to your hair.]

As stylists at PARLOUR, we take great pride in our work. One of our greatest pleasures is informing and educating our guests about their hair chemistry and the Davines products we feel are most compatible and  beneficial for them. Determining your hair texture, along with discussing chemical history, product regimen and daily styling habits will allow us to create a personalized hair care cocktail. First and foremost, our job is to care about the integrity of your hair. Davines is our product partner in crime! Focused on sustainable beauty and creative freedom, the Italian brand, offers multiple lines to suit your personal selection of  hair care needs.

We want to share with Cincy Chic readers, our top product recommendations.  Every one of these products listed, can be used on ALL hair types. You can not go wrong with this handful of favorites!

After you wash your hair with the stylist recommended shampoo & conditioner,  you can use all OR a few of these amazing products! Thick or fine, straight or curly, does not matter. All of these products will work for you.


Melu Serum {Davines Essentials}

A serum that will not only prevent, but also repair split ends. So this is a must have in between haircut services. You can use this product on damp or dry hair, and leave in.

Active ingredients:

Cherry Oil -prevents UV absorption

Vitamins A- strengthens hair, fights free radicals, such as pollution, that normally cause hair to be weighed down.

Vitamin B- helps aid the hair growth process

Vitamin C- prevents brittle, dry, and fragile hair


Oi/Oil {Davines Essentials}

This natural oil, acts as heat protection from styling tools, along with environmental protection. Oi/Oil will tame those frizzies and fly aways, along with adding shine throughout the hair. All of this while conditioning the ends. Personally, we also find it cuts drying time by 40-60%. Our thick haired clients love that! This product does it all!

Use 1 pump, rub into hands, starting on and concentrate mainly on the ends, working your way up, run your fingers through your hair, as if you are using your fingers to comb it.

This is meant to be used on damp hair, but feel free to add an extra pump once finished to add additional shine and polish to your new style.


Sea Salt Primer {No. 14 Davines For Wizards}

Beachy, beautiful waves. Texture. Body.

Use on wet or dry hair to add texture and body. Want more texture? Keep spraying! I have used anywhere from 4-15 pumps! This matte finish miracle will allow you to use more product that normal since it helps mask and absorb oil at the roots. It will give you a more dry, beach chic look. Great for 2nd day hair! Spray on the roots, under your part, and a few pumps throughout. Blast with the blowdryer on low pressure with cool air. Done!

This is also a perfect secret styling weapon for men, who would like to mold their hair without the weight of a pomade. For added weight or additional texture, add some of the pomade or styling cream anyway.


Universal Mattering Mousse {No. 3 Davines for Wizards}

A volumizing mousse that not only plumps and lifts the hair, but conditions at the same time. The Universal Mattering Mouse has a stronger hold, so the volume will last all day. The amount of natural looking shine that this product gives is just an added bonus. This is great for all hair types.

Active ingredients include conditioning agents and resins, which are responsible for the amazing amount of hold and softness. Wheat proteins penetrate to the cortex of the hair and increases the ability for the hair to maintain moisture. Panthenol is a derivative of Vitamin B5 and will add shine and texture, while moisturizing.

Crystal Fixative Laquer {No. 7 Davines for Wizards}

This extra strong hairspray offers a firm hold. We have found it to be our favorite due to the ability to still work through your hair. If you decide half way through the night you want to brush your fingers through it, or break up your style, you are still able to do so. This is hard to find in a stronger style hairspray. At the same time, if you want to go with keeping what you have in the exact place that you styled it, it will not budge. This product also is a favorite among clients, since the Crystal Fixative leaves no residue behind on the hair.

Active ingredients include Panthenol to add texture and shine. The latest resins offer a more advanced and current technology that create such a strong hold.


These 5 products are just the a few of the many Davines favorites we have at PARLOUR . There are many more Essential Shampoos, Conditioners, styling products, color depositing shampoos and conditioners and more. We offer protein conditioning treatments, like the NouNou Pak, both in service and to take home with you. Also, the Davines NaturalTech line is a phytoceutical approach to scalp and hair conditions. NaturalTech offers multiple lines aiding thinning hair or issues with greasy or dry dandruff. If you need to detox or exfoliate your scalp, there is a wonderful product for that. For rebalancing an overly oily or calming a sensitive scalp, there is a formula for every condition. You can also alternate these specialty products with a more traditional Davines Essential.

We invite Cincy Chic readers and friends to set an appointment with any of us at PARLOUR. We would love to personally customize the best product regimen for you, while you enjoy one of our many  offered services. We look forward to sharing our passion for hair and Davines with you.


Written by Chrissy Reiff

Stylist at PARLOUR

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