New acne treatment by Mitchell’s!

Acne_Management_Facial_11x14_SignI just met one of my girlfriends for a glass of wine last week, and she was complaining of having a bunch of break outs all of the sudden. I feel her pain because the same thing happens to me every winter. All the dry heat dries out your face, then you load on the moisturizer, and then you get clogged pores.

I told her to get a facial and start an acne treatment (I personally use Proactiv, so I recommended that). But when she asked what kind of facial I’d recommend, I had JUST gotten an email about Mitchell’s Salon and Day Spa offering a new and improved acne management facial, so I told her to try that out.

According to the email I got about the facial, they use clinical-level products for a deep pore cleaning with salicylic acid that’s used to neutralize oil on your face. Then they use a customized masque that treats your particular grade of acne. The concluding ice therapy session will relieve swelling caused by acne inflammation.

The pricing of treatment ranges from $70-$88.


Thanks to my assistant editor Sara Elliott for helping put this blog post together!

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