My Dancing for the Stars Dress!

I’m so honored and excited (and yes a little scared) to be featured in this year’s “Dancing for the Stars” event, which benefits theĀ Cincinnati Arts Associationā€™s Overture Awards. It takes place April 13, at Music Hall, and it’s already 50% sold out! The winner is based on crowd applause, so need lots of loud, obnoxious people in my corner! I hope you can make it – I would REALLY appreciate your support! Click here to learn more and get ticket information!

Brian McNamee at the Cincinnati Ballroom Company is my pro and he’s been a great teacher! We meet twice a week for an hour and a half each, and then I practice in between and on the weekends, so I’ve been putting a TON of time into my routine. But before I even got my feet on the dance floor, I met with Amy Kirchen to start designing my dress! She just sent me the final sketch and I’m out of my mind excited for how it turned out! It’s going to look fabulous!! Check it out!



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