Dancing for the Stars Recap

I’ve never teared up putting away a pair of shoes before, but tonight I did. I’m so sad that my long, fun, and challenging experience of Dancing for the Stars is over.

Of course, having a type-A personality, not winning wasn’t part of my plan. 🙂 But that’s ok, because those who did win – and everyone who participated for that matter – did an amazing job and should be commended for supporting a good cause, and dedicating their time, heart and resources to the competition.

And that’s the thing I took away from this competition. I really, truly committed to this. I put everything out there. I spent absolutely every minute I possibly could either learning choreography with Brian McNamee at Cincinnati Ballroom Company (who is an INCREDIBLE instructor by the way), or at home in my kitchen twirling around, knocking over pots and pans trying to practice.

So, after one sore back, seven lost pounds, 60+ hours of dance practice, 35 hours of Amy Kirchen‘s dress making, and seven hours at the Alba Beauty Studio getting beautified… I can officially say I came, I went, and I conquered my samba.

In six years since starting Cincy Chic, I’ve never committed so much heart, soul and time to something that wasn’t business-related. I did this for me. To rip myself away from my phone and computer a few times a week to dance. To challenge myself beyond my comfort zone. To learn something new. To become something new.

I can successfully say that I did all of that and more. I’ve never felt more beautiful and confident than I did on that dance floor Saturday night. And that is my reward. I’ve now fallen completely, madly and deeply in love with dancing.

So, as I put my dance shoes away tonight, I just had to say… Thank you old friends for the journey. Hopefully you won’t stay on the shelf long.


My hair and makeup by Megan Corcoran at Alba Beauty Studio
My hair by Megan Corcoran at Alba Beauty Studio and makeup by Andrea Lauren at Cincy Style Bar
A sneak peek of my dress right before I went on stage!
A sneak peek of my dress right before I went on stage!


(I’ll update this post with a link to more pics, as soon as I get them!)

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