Nazars, Blee Inara Jewelry

Nazar charm earrings from Blee Inara jewelry

I was recently boutique shopping in Columbus, and came across a shop full of Turkish clothing, accessories and gift items. Pretty much everything in the store had these little eye things on them. I asked the store owner what they were, and she said they’re called a “Nazar,” and many cultures believe it protects against the evil eye.

I few days later, I learned about a new jewelry line created by a woman inspired by a Nazar. The release said “The inspiration for Blee Inara Jewelry started shortly after creator Ivonne Kino had her first baby. Ivonne’s mother, who lives in Mexico, sent her an eye charm—or Nazar— for the baby to wear for protection. The Nazar, popular in many cultures, is an eye-shaped amulet made of handmade glass meant to protect people from the evil eye.”

So I thought, “Ok, ok, universe. I get it. I need to get one of these evil eye warding off thingies.” I went to the Blee Inara site, and found so much gorgeous jewelry featuring the Nazar – from earrings, rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings – but I knew I’d wear the earrings the most. So I went with these beautiful beaded circle earrings.

They look much more turquoise in person than the picture shows, which was great news to me. They go with so much! I first wore them with a coral colored top (pictured above), I’ve also worn them with an LBD and t-shirt/jeans so they can be dressed up and down.

I just thought I’d blog about these since the Nazar has such an interesting story and deep-seated history in so many different cultures. You’ll honestly see them all over now that you know what they are! And hopefully, if you get a Nazar, you’ll see fewer evil eyes!


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