Gatsby-Inspired Fashion Trends!

I just went to a screening of The Great Gatsby earlier this week and LOVED it. Today, I saw the below press release come through from one of our jewelry designer clients, Krombholz Jewelers, and thought it had lots of great info about fashion trends emerging from the movie! DEFINITELY go check out the flick! The fashions are fab!!!

great gatsby
My outfit for the premiere! Dress by Amy Kirchen and jewelry by Krombholz!


Great Gatsby Film Inspires Cincinnati-based Jewelry Designer

Krombholz Jewelers showcases designs, new and vintage, inspired by the Gatsby era


The new “Great Gatsby” film is inspiring more than just movie ticket sales. Fashions inspired by the Roaring 20s era are rushing to racks across the nation.


Cincinnati-based Krombholz Jewelers is no exception. According to owner and lead designer, Lee Krombholz, this art deco era is one that’s always inspired him and been featured in-store. Now, because of the film, designs from the 20s and 30s are being showcased at Krombholz Jewelers more than ever.


“Krombholz Jewelers is very excited for the release of the new Great Gatsby movie which is directed by Baz Luhrmann,” says Krombholz. “In fact, the movie and jewelry store even have some parallels. While the movie maintains its classical appearance in clothing and décor, the soundtrack has taken on a modern spin including artists like Jay-Z, The XX, Florence + the Machine, Lana del Rey and many more. While Krombholz Jewelers sells and creates modern jewelry, over half of our cases are filled with antique and vintage jewelry. A shopper might also notice a current alternative rock soundtrack being played in store.”


Krombholz says you can look for the following jewelry trends in the movie:


Flapper Fashion

The story takes place in 1922 which was known as the prime of the “Roaring Twenties.” As women gained the right to vote in 1920, they felt that they had more freedom. Dresses were shorter, make-up became more prominent, hair was cropped into a “bob,” and the look of the flapper was created.

Art Deco

Art Deco style was everywhere, in both architecture and jewelry. Popular stones embellished in these art deco settings were emerald, ruby, marcasite, pearl and ivory.


Jewelry Accents

Jewelry was used to pull the whole look together, to compliment the dress and to soften the look of the short hair. Dangling earrings became immensely popular as well as long strands of beads and stacks of bracelets. It was all about glamour so crystals and rhinestones became trendy.


Accent pieces were added to dresses to make them flashier. In Krombholz’s store there several examples of this:

– Filigree buckle, that is Edwardian and ornate with detailing you would see beginning in the 1910s and continuing through the 20s and 30s.

– A dress clip, originally a pair, these clips would have been symmetrically placed on a dress. Both baguette and marquise diamonds were used in design to give the piece an art deco feel. The absolute flashiness of the piece reflects a time of opulence and glamour, which the movie portrays.

– A jade and diamond broach. About a decade earlier, Asian influences became very popular in jewelry. This carried over to the 1920s and this piece displays ornately carved jade with platinum deco embellishments.


“Recently we began to carry a new line of jewelry that reflects a modern vintage look. The designer is Cristina Sabatini,” explains Krombholz, noting that the earrings pictured are made using rose gold plated sterling silver with colored resin and CZ’s. “Fashion magazines like Vogue have already picked up many of the trends from Gatsby so this look may become more common with the release of the movie. Come by Krombholz Jewelers to see even more featured pieces in our very own Gatsby collection.”


The Great Gatsby film, based on the novel by F. Scott Fitzgerald, will be in theaters on May 10. Krombholz Jewelers is located at 9399 Shelly Ln  Cincinnati, OH 45242. More information available at

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