Two New Columnists on Cincy Chic!

It’s an exciting day at Cincy Chic! We have two new columnists starting in this week’s issue, which is now live onĀ! We have Heather Kane, who is doing a “High Heels and High Finance” column. A friend of mine introduced me to her, and I liked her because she’s different. Instead of the “save save save…and save some more” mantra of most financial experts I’ve met, she teaches you how to save on what you need so you can afford the things you want. To me, life is too short to not splurge occasionally, but I know I do need to save for the future, so I’m really looking forward to learning from Heather!

Then, our second columnist is Jennifer Annenburg who will be writing an “Everyday Inspiration” column to give you a brighter outlook on life and the tools you need to stay inspired to do the things you love. Jennifer is a dear friend of mine now. She and I met through a mutual friend, and then she modeled for our 2012 Red, Pink and Blue fashion show and then she approached me about the new project she’s been working on.

Watch the “Revolutionizing The Art of Happiness” sizzler reel she put together as a sneak peek of her project. I was honored to be included! Hope you enjoy the reel and the fabulous columns from these two ladies in future issues of Cincy Chic!


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