Review: Dermaplane Facial

My husband and I joke all the time that when we have kids, they’re going to be a little hair balls because he and I are both just really hairy people. I had electrolysis done several years ago to get rid of all the major stuff on my face, and it worked really well. Since then, I have fine hairs and peach fuzz, but nothing to be super self-conscious about.

But I recently read that those fine hairs can trap a lot of oil, dirt and dead skin cells, which can cause break-outs. I’ve been having issues with all of the above recently. So, when I was out to lunch with Dr. Kurtzman chatting about the booth they’re going to have at our upcoming Red Pink and Blue event on June 28th, he mentioned that I should try their dermaplane facial to get rid of those fine hairs and exfoliate my skin.

I made an appointment with his aesthetician Angela so she could make her recommendations.  She said I’d make for a great dermaplane facial candidate, and also recommended a light chemical exfoliation. She said the dermaplane removes a layer of skin so skincare treatments applied right after absorb and perform even better.

I had two reservations: 1) I didn’t want to end up like Samantha in Sex and the City after her chemical treatment. 2) I had heard the old wives tale that if you remove fine hairs, they grow back thicker.

Angela assured me that the old wives tale wasn’t true and promised that I wouldn’t look like Samatha’s tragic red face after the treatment. So, I went ahead and got the dermaplane facial and chemical exfoliating treatment.

I have to tell you, I’ve never been happier with a skincare treatment! I have super sensitive skin, so I figured I’d be dry and peeling for days afterwards, and it wasn’t like that at all. Not only were all the fine hairs gone, but my skin felt baby soft and it stayed glowing and hydrated after the treatment – never peeled at all! (see before and after pic below)

What was also good is that during the treatment, she had my face under a special light where she was able to see any potential skin issues, so we could work on them and begin to prevent further damage. She said my skin looked to be in good shape except for some light sun spots on my forehead. I’m going to go in for a few more treatments because she said she could work on them with some additional dermaplanes, but the biggest thing was to wear a high SPF. I ended up getting some 50SPF Obagi lotion while I was there and I wear it every day now!

I definitely recommend giving Angela at Dr. Kurtzman’s a call (513.891.4440). She’s very good and has lots of great advice! Click here for more info about them.

before (left) and after (right)

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