Fabufeet Friday: NightCare Foot Cream, Gel Heel Socks


I know I usually post about shoes on Friday with “Fabushoe Friday,” which I did do here today… but it’s just as important to keep your feet as fab as your shoes! So, I’m writing about a couple new products I tried out that I highly recommend!

There’s a company called NightCare that makes a great foot cream and these “gel heel socks” that are perfect for keeping your feet well-moisturized and beautiful for the open-toed season! The way it works is that you put on the foot cream at night and then slip on the heel sock. It has a gel pad on the heel to keep the cream from absorbing into the sock. They come in cute fabric designs too… I got the animal print ones and they’re super cute!

photo 2
The “gel heel” inside the sock

It works really well and it kept my feet looking fab for my entire 2-week beach vacation (which is great because the sun, sand and salt water usually dry and crack them!). I definitely recommend them!

photo 3






You can get them on the company’s website – click here for the leopard heel gel socks ($19.99) and click here for the 6oz NightCare Foot Cream ($6.50). Happy pedi pampering!

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