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Me checking out one of the hundreds of haute couture handbags in Chateau Le Beau’s showroom.

An IT guru is usually the last person you’d expect to give the best fashion tip EVER, but that’s what happened to me this week. My friend Matt (technology writer for Cincy Chic’s “brother” publication Cincinnati Profile) told me about his friend who sells handbags online.

He introduced me to Brenda Buschle, owner of Chateau Le Beau, over email and she invited me to come visit their warehouse. Um, excuse me? We’re not talking about a shelf of bags you’re selling on eBay, you have a WAREHOUSE full of designer handbags? This I had to see‚Ķ

Brenda Buschle, founder of Chateau Le Beau and Designer Handbags Rescue
Brenda Buschle, founder of Chateau Le Beau and Designer Handbags Rescue

So, I visited yesterday and it’s honestly the BEST kept secret in Cincinnati for fashionistas that I’ve found in my six and a half years of running Cincy Chic. At any given time, Brenda has more than 1,000 designer bags at her 3,000 sq ft warehouse, which is tucked off the road in an unassuming warehouse down the street from Northgate Mall.

This warehouse is home to three businesses:
1: Chateau Le Beau (authentic first quality, designer bags for less)
2: Designer Handbags Rescue (nearly new that feels brand new)
3: Purse’onal Shopping Experiences¬†(bring friends in to shop the showroom to earn a portion of sales!)

Brenda started out her career as a photographer (the original use of the warehouse). She later started a medical imaging company, but an illness caused her to sell her portion of the business and focus on her health. While she was confined to her house, computer and bed, she started selling some of the items collecting dust in her closet. After her high-end handbags sold almost as quickly as she could post them, she knew she was onto something.

She started sourcing from manufacturers and stores, and built a super successful eBay store. In 2010, she transformed that warehouse into a handbag heaven, and eventually branched off from eBay to start selling directly through www.ChateauLeBeau.net. Then, to sell the items that didn’t necessarily qualify as “first quality,” but were still high-end and highly desirable (she works with leather repair experts and seamstresses to get them looking like new again), she started selling those items through www.DesignerHandbagsRescue.com. The handbag parties started recently when local ladies started asking if they could have a personal shopping experience for friends and family.

The names “Chateau Le Beau” was inspired by her dog, Beau, who is arguably head of the household. The name of “Designer Handbags Rescue” was also inspired by her four legged friends, as they are both rescue dogs!

I definitely recommend you “like” them on Facebook, visit their sites, and even contact Brenda to book a Showroom Shopping Party for you and your friends!

Chateau Le Beau Website:
Designer Handbags Rescue Website:

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