Meet the Mafia

Nidhi Bedi
Nidhi Bedi, Founder of A Bride’s Mafia

Being a young entrepreneur myself, I always love it when I see other local ladies reaping the benefits of their hard work and dedication. My friend Nidhi Bedi is one of those gals. I initially met her through a friend and we immediately connected. She has one of those contagious smiles and an unbelievable work ethic that I wish I could bottle and mass produce.

For the past several years, she’s helped to run Elements Event and Conference Centre in Sharonville (which is awesome — we held a event there a couple years ago actually!). Then, she opened a clothing and bridal shop called the Black and White Exchange, which she sold. And about a year ago, she launched A Bride’s Mafia, which is a SUPER SUCCESSFUL wedding concierge service. Several of my friends have gone to her bridal networking events (which are less of a bridal expo and more of a cocktail hour with people in the wedding biz), and have been helped by the concierge service — they said it’s a dream come true, plus it’s FREE!

Cincy Chic’s “brother” publication, Cincinnati Profile, originally featured her in this “2011 Single & Successful” story. Then, last year, she was voted to be one of our Cincy Chic Women of the Year. And just recently, we covered A Bride’s Mafia in Cincy Chic, and coined the nickname “Bridal Mafia Boss” for Nidhi, which is absolutely PERFECT! haha!

Like I said, I’ve just loved following her and all the success that’s come her way. I check her site occasionally to see what she’s up to, and thought her last post “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know” was a great one to share. She reflects on her very first event, and how this business has grown. She also shares a little about her upcoming event “Battle of the Wedding Bands” on Aug. 11, and gives an overview of all the “Mafia” members and how they can help you if you have wedding bells in your future! I knew about that she worked with several different kinds of vendors, but it was neat to learn who they are and what makes each unique.

Click here to check it out! Also, if you would like to go to the Aug. 11 Battle of the Wedding Bands event, click here to RSVP and use the code CINCYCHIC to get in free! See you there!

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