Curb Appeal Tips from Diane Agricola!

image003Thinking of fixing up your home’s curb appeal as we start to head into the cooler months of fall? Well, my favorite designer Diane Agricola, owner of Agricola Redesign and A Village Gift Shop at the Century House, offered these helpful tips to get your exterior in tip-top shape!

Now that the hot summer months are behind us your curb appeal will take on a whole new look to potential buyers.

Having your home on the market in autumn can be a great thing. For one thing, there’s less competition. It also puts you in the unique position to market your home as  the perfect place to bunker down when it’s cold outside. Even though fall buyers may be concentrating on the inside of your home, it’s not the time to neglect the outside of your home.

Here is a check list to review to make sure your homes curb appeal is still holding ground for your fall buyers:

  • Fill in any bald spots or areas in your grass where it’s thinning

  • Add mums or other fall plants to add color and interest to your landscape.

  • Trim your shrubs and trees.

  • Clear out all the summer clutter by storing or removing all summer lawn furniture

  • Check your driveway. Does it need power washed or cracks filled in or resurfaced?

  • Clean all gutters and downspouts and repair any leaks.

  • Clean all windows and screens or even store the screens so the windows show better.

  • Make sure all outdoor lighting is in working order and is highlighting the best features of your home.

  • Take a good look at your front door. Does it need a fresh coat of paint? Hang a nice wreath with rich fall colors to invite your potential buyers in.

  • Make sure your door bell is in working order and your house numbers are appealing and can be easily seen from passing traffic

  • Check the street in front of your house for trash and unappealing litter

  • Last but not least…take a good look at your mailbox. This is a relatively inexpensive item to update and makes a huge difference to potential buyers.

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