Thirty One Gifts by Talia Alexander


They say third time’s a charm… well, that holds true for my experience with Thirty One Gifts. It all started at the beach this summer, where a gal sitting next to me had the cutest thermal beach tote. The pattern was so pretty and it had a monogram (I’m obsessed with monograms right now for some reason). Plus, it was big enough for the fam’s lunches and drinks throughout the day and it had an outer pocket for all your other essentials. Finally, after a few days, of eyeing her bag, I had to ask her where she got it. She said it was a Thirty One bag. I made a mental note to find a Thirty One rep to get one through as soon as I got home… but you know how it is when you get back from vaca… and of course I forgot. embroidery

Then, I was at the grocery last month, and this woman had this bag lining the inside of her shopping cart. She was putting all the groceries she was buying into the bag in her cart. It had handles, so when she was done shopping, she took the bag – with all her groceries inside –  from the cart to her car in ONE swift move. I was intrigued. I felt immediately dumb for lugging around my 20 small reusable bags to the grocery when I could just be bringing one like hers, and then carry everything into the house in one trip too! So, I HAD to ask her where she got it. She said it was a Thirty One bag. Humph. So, I made a mental note to find a Thirty One rep to get my beach bag and this grocery tote stat… except after unloading my groceries and cooking (grocery shopping always makes me SO hungry!!), I of course forgot.

Well, fast forward to this weekend when I was at an OSU tailgating party (I know, don’t tell my Miami friends) and someone had an amazing organizing tote that she had all her tailgating necessities organized into one OSU-logoed bag. It had a bunch of pockets, dividers and thick straps. I almost knew the answer before I asked, but I did anyway. Yup, Thirty One Gifts!

collegiateSo, I FINALLY found a rep I love! Her name is Talia Alexander, and I highly recommend her. She started with Thirty One about 2 1/2 years ago just make a little extra “Me” money, and now she’s doing it full time (rock on, sister!). I’m so glad I found Talia because she’s super helpful and knowledgeable. Plus, she does this full time, so she’s quick to respond and her turn-around is amazing.

I learned that right now is actually a really good time to buy, too. Not only because it’s plenty of time before the holidays (I found a personalized tote – pictured above – I want to get for my sister-in-law!), but it’s also a good time to buy because in September, they have double hostess dollars! So, that means that if you host a party, you get double the amount of hostess rewards. She said if you enroll as a consultant and you could add on an extra $175 cash, too. Might be nice for people to have that before the holidays, so I thought I’d mention it to all my readers here on the blog!

If you want to give Talia a call, her number is 513-673-9097, or you can email her at You can also check out all the designs and info about personalization on her website:


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