Meet the Expert: Mi Salon Spa’s Amanda Manning

A few months ago, we held our “School’s Back, Mom Relax” event at Mi Salon Spa in Florence Kentucky and I was SOOO impressed with all the experts I met that night. They had such great tips and tricks that I learned. Plus, lots of the ladies (and some gents!) who worked there have been there FOR-EV-ER. That’s so nice to know, because I hate it when you fall in love with your stylist and then they move never to be seen again (and they know all your deepest darkest secrets!!).

So, I thought it might be neat to go back to Mi Salon Spa and interview each of the service techs I had talked to at the event to learn more about them, see what inspires them and what they specialize in, and learn some helpful tips along the way!

My first interview is hair stylist, Amanda Manning. She was SUPER sweet, and she specializes in blondes and bob haircuts (I know, I’m a little partial to that look). She also is the best in the biz when it comes to eyebrow waxing. To learn more about Mi Salon Spa, or to book an appointment, check out or call 859.647.2566. And check back often because I’ll be posting a new interview daily for the next couple of weeks so you can meet the whole team!!


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