Review: UniqueU’s New Laser Hair Removal Services

Me getting my laser hair removal under arm treatment at UniqueU
Me getting my laser hair removal under arm treatment at UniqueU

A couple years ago, my friend Lisa Cooney at Channel 5 lost a ton of weight and I asked her how she did it. She swore by the docs at UniqueU Medical Weight Loss, who helped to get her on a customized weight loss plan. So, I gave them a call about the last few inches I needed to shed to fit back in my “skinny” jeans (not the hipster skinny jeans, we’re talking my last-worn-15-years-ago-in-high-school skinny jeans). I got a treatment called “Zerona” there and it was awesome and helped me finally get back in those high school skinny jeans that I’m STILL wearing today! (Click here to learn more about my “Operation Skinny Jeans” journey)

So, now I’m on their email list and get notifications when they announce new things at the practice, and they just announced a few new services they’re now offering, such as Botox and hair removal treatments. I actually have been thinking about getting laser hair removal for a really long time. If you’ve been reading the blog for a while, you know that I’ve already tried EVERYTHING… the NoNo, dermaplane, and electrolysis… but hadn’t given laser a try yet. I guess I was afraid of someone not knowing what they were doing with a laser around my face and eyes. EEK!

But since the docs did SO well with my Zerona, and they were medically supervising these hair removal treatments – versus other places that don’t have any medical physicians on staff supervising – that made me feel a lot better. So, I met with them and got my upper lip and under arms done.

I’m not really a blonde (shhh!!) so I’m actually very hairy and the hair is dark. Recently I had started to notice this dark shadow of hair on my upper lip and I didn’t want to shave it, so I just cut it back. But the shadow was still there. I’m happy to report that after only TWO treatments you can’t see any shadow! And also after only two treatments, my underarms are completely hair free! With my upper lip, I’m no longer self conscious, and with my under arms, I can’t believe how much time just that saves me in the morning! I’m thinking about getting my legs done! Now THAT would save some major time!

The staff at UniqueU was SO helpful about what to do prior and after my treatments to get the best results, and I loved that a doctor was overseeing the whole process! And it was super quick and painless… seriously, I’m a baby about pain, and I didn’t feel a thing! I just love love LOVE how it all turned out and I can’t wait to go back for more! Highly recommended! Five stars! Pixie dust and unicorns! They’re amazing! 🙂

To learn more about them, check them out at or to ask any questions/make an appointment, you can call (513) 984-2700. OH! And the most exciting part! They said I could offer a special discount to all my friends and Cincy Chic readers! So, check that out below! Enjoy and happy hairloss! 🙂


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