Kate Boutique Closing, 40% Off Sale

Sad news for local fashionistas. Kate Boutique on Hyde Park Square is closing. Megan Grove, the owner just sent out an email to her clients saying that she wants to spend more time at home with her kiddos because they’re only little once. So true.

The good news is that her entire store is 40% off to liquidate inventory. So, get in while the gettin’s good. She did change her store hours from now until the closing, so make sure you click here┬áto see what they are before you head to the store.

Sad to see one of my favorite local boutiques, who loyally sponsored several different Cincy Chic events, close their doors for good. But, ya know, life is short and you have to listen to your heart!! Best of luck to Megan as you tie up the loose ends at the shop and start your new adventures!


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