Review: G-Loves Workout Gloves

Loving my new G-Loves weight lifting gloves!!!

The hubs and I hosted Thanksgiving at our house this year for the very first time. So, I consumed 80 million calories on Thanksgiving Day like every other red-blooded American. Then, because I had so many leftovers at the house, I consumed that much on a daily basis for the next two weeks as well. Oof.

Yeah, so, my New Year’s Resolution to fit back in my jeans came a month early. I’ve always been a cardio girl, but I read that muscle increases your metabolism, so I’m now adding some light weights into the mix. Of course, for any fashionista, cute workout wear can make any activity fun. So, I stocked up on some new gear!

Since weights are new to me, I had to get some weight lifting gloves. And I found the BEST site for them… they’re called “G-Loves” weight lifting gloves and they come in all different patterns, from plain jane to patterned and pretty in pink. Of course, I love everything pink so that’s what I got.

They’re about $45 for the women’s G-Loves workout gloves, and they also have wrist wraps, men’s gloves, and workout apparel. Pretty cool site full of functional fashion to keep you lookin’ and feelin’ good in the gym! Click here to check out their site!

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