Fabushoe Friday: PYSIS Overboots


All this crazy weather is truly taking a toll on my wardrobe. Every morning, I just want to put on every single sweater I own, the thickest warmest pair of pants and shoes in my closet… and that’s just to get my coffee in the kitchen, let alone actually venturing outside.


That’s a far cry from the peep toes and pumps I’ve written about in my previous “Fabushoe Friday” posts, so you may be wondering what kind of boring snow boot am I going to write about today.

Well, boring is the furthest thing from the truth on this boot. It completely blew my mind when I learned about it. Yes, it looks like a normal snow boot (but cuter because it’s patent leather and a tall boot), but get this… you wear your actual cute shoes INSIDE this boot. So you get to wear your shoes but keep them protected, no matter how mean Mother Nature gets.

Boom. I know, there went your mind, too.

These amazing mind-blowing boots are called the PYSIS Overboots.  Made of weather-resistant soft polyurethane, PYSIS features an elastic closure at the shaft for an adjustable fit over a wide range of shoe styles. Sealed seams, a molded rubber cup sole and a convenient carry bag sold with each pair round out the practical highlights, but the fashion-forward, high-style construction of the overboots shines with each step taken in them.

They’re $95 and I swear by them. My feet (and shoes) stay dry and warm, and I just slip them off when I’m out of the elements. Easy peasy. But as great as these are, I’d be ok if Summer wanted to just go ahead and arrive already.

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