"Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world." ~Marilyn Monro
“Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world.” ~Marilyn Monroe

Last Friday began as a regular day, but ended as one of the best days of my life so far. As I announced a couple weeks ago on Cincy Chic… I’m preggo!! And ever since we found out, I’ve been itching to know the gender so I can start shopping and decorating. A friend of mine told me that Becoming Mom in Mason has an “I can’t wait” package where you can find out the gender as early as Week 16, versus Week 19 or 20 when your OB/GYN typically does their anatomy check where gender is usually determined.

My husband and I in front of Becoming Mom in Mason, about to find out the gender!!
My husband and I in front of Becoming Mom in Mason, about to find out the gender!!

So, because I truly couldn’t wait to know, this was the perfect package for me! I made our appointment for Friday at noon, but I had no idea what kind of special experience I was in store for. We walked in Becoming Mom and it felt like a spa (which it actually is, in addition to a maternity boutique and ultrasound clinic). A welcome change from the cold, sterile ultrasound rooms at my doctor’s office. So, we step into a room that’s decorated like a cozy room I’d find at home, with a big screen up on the wall.

Little did I know that our little bundle of joy would shortly appear on that big screen so that every little movement, finger and toe was larger than life. The sonographer began the screen and immediately confirmed that we wanted to know gender — yes yes yes!! — and apparently our little peanut was ready to share what SHE is! Yes, it’s a GIRL! EEEEEE!!! A mini me!!! haha! So excited!

Then, for the next five or ten minutes, the sonographer continued her scan to show us each little arm, leg, foot, hand, finger and little toe. There was even a point where our little girl stood completely still on the screen except for one little hand bending, looking like she was waving to us through the screen. It completely melted my heart!

Speaking of heart… the sonographer then pressed a button so that we could hear the heart beat. She even recorded it and put it into a stuffed animal we got to pick out . So, now whenever I want to hear our little girl’s beating heart, I just need to give the little bunny they gave me a squeeze and the sound of her heart beating is loud and clear, warming my heart with each little thump.

I couldn’t help but let the happy tears flow watching my little girl squirm around on the screen. It was such a special experience. So, I HIGHLY recommend going to Becoming Mom if you’re a mom-to-be. I’m definitely going to be back to get spa services and visit the boutique when I can no longer fit into “real” clothes!

I’ll keep you updated with any more news about this itty bitty fashionista I have in my belly! For now though, I have lots of shopping and decorating to do!! 🙂



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