New European Wax Location, Free Wax for First-Time Clients!

Dia Rose, owner of several local European Wax Centers!
Dia Rose, owner of several local European Wax Centers!

I know a lot of my gal pals with kids (and all of my interns — oh to be in college again) are heading out for Spring Break vacations next week. This weekend, they’re all headed to the spa to get primped for their big trips!

With that in mind, I wanted to remind you that you get a complimentary wax if you’re a first-time client at European Wax Center! My friend Dia Rose owns a few of the stores here in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky, and she’s actually opening a new one in Anderson Towne Center in 2 weeks! So exciting!  Click here to see which location is closest to you.

For your first-time client free wax,  women, you can choose between a complimentary eyebrow OR bikini line OR under arm wax. Men, you can choose between a complimentary eyebrow OR ear OR nose wax!

Dia said bikini waxes are the most popular this time of year with people getting back into their bathing suits. When I was chatting with her, I also learned a few other awesome things about what makes European Wax Center different that I thought I’d share with you… Dia said that their main goal is a comfortable wax experience, so they ship in an exclusive wax from Paris (ooohhhh… European Wax Center…I get it now!) that’s specially made for a more comfortable experience. They’re all about revealing beautiful skin through waxing. “We are a brand that’s redefining the way people think about beauty and hair removal,” she said. They also use alcohol-free and stripless wax, which sticks to the hair and not the skin. Dia said most services have you in and out in just 15 minutes — pretty impressive!

Just thought I’d share the good news about the new location and the free waxes! Enjoy! Have a great weekend!

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