Preggo Pampering at Becoming Mom Spa


Last month, I went to Becoming Mom in Mason for their “I Can’t Wait” Package where they can tell you the gender of your baby a few weeks sooner than you OB typically does. That’s when we found out IT’S A GIRL!! Woohoo!!!

So excited to have a “mini me” on the way! Can’t wait to go shopping and spa-ing with her. Well, technically I don’t have to wait. I already started shopping for her (my first stop after the ultrasound was buying her a pair of shoes! haha!) and I decided to treat myself to one spa service a month for the rest of my pregnancy (these swollen ankles aren’t going to relieve themselves!). I’m officially half-way through the pregnancy as of today, actually! Can’t believe it!

Of course, there are a billion spas in town (many of which I love love love) and some even offer prenatal services. But I didn’t feel like doing the homework on what products they were using and confirming that my service provider was trained in working with pregnant women (even if it’s just a facial — I didn’t want to worry about my facial using chemicals I’m not supposed to have on my skin, or that the esthetician will lay me in a position I’m not supposed to be in.) 

I’m a worry wart about enough these days, so it’s just nice to book an appointment and know that whatever I need — a pedicure, massage or facial — will be with the safest products and people for my preggo pampering!

So, long story short, I booked all my monthly spa services at Becoming Mom as a little light at the end of the tunnel each month to give me something to look forward to! This month was a “Get that Glow” facial where they slough off all the dead skin and revive it with an all-natural pumpkin scrub. They also did a head, shoulder and hand massage, as well as a foot and leg rub. Soooooo nice. Next month? Prenatal massage! Woohoo!

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