Review: Urban Lace Eco-Friendly Fashion

Urban Lace bracelets

When I think of fashion, old bicycle tires aren’t the first (or millionth) thing that come to mind. But they will now thanks to Urban Lace!

While doing some research for our Eco-Fabulous Fashion Show earlier this month, I found Urban Lace, an amazing jewelry line, with earrings, necklaces, and bracelets made from recycled bicycle inner tubes collected from Portland, Or.-based bike shops. They sent a few samples for us to include in our event and everyone was fascinated! They’re BEAUTIFUL! That’s right — these inner tubes are not only durable, flexible, and waterproof, they can also be beautiful!

Each year thousands of inner tubes are thrown into landfills in the US alone, where they will sit for hundreds of years. That’s what inspired co-owner Barbi Touron to renew those discarded tubes into wearable art.

She started out in a small garage below her apartment making jewelry for friends in 2006. As more and more people wore her jewelry and word of mouth spread, so did the demand for these unique creations. With orders growing beyond her ability to keep up, Barbi partnered with Aaron Shear and Urban Lace was born. They have been working together since September 2011 and have been making more and more fun designs. I pictured a few of my favorites below! Check them out and go to to see even more designs!


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