4D Ultrasound at Becoming Mom Spa!


Wow. I can’t believe in a little over 10 weeks our little girl will be here in our arms. She’s been a few years in the making and it’s just unreal that she’s almost ready to make her big debut!

As you know, I’ve been practically living at Becoming Mom Spa during my pregnancy (LOVE that place) getting everything from pregnancy-safe pedis and prenatal massages to even finding out the gender early there! Well, we chalked up another special experience there this weekend when we got to see our precious baby’s face for the first time through a 4D ultrasound.

It took my breath away to see that black and white blurry regular ultrasound that you typically see on a small computer screen at your doctors turn into a 4D lifelike real-time window into the womb, projected on a big 40inch hi-def screen. For 30 minutes, we watched her wiggle, hiccup, squirm, rub her eyes, suck her thumb and even react when my husband started talking to her close to my belly. Unbelievable. As if that wasn’t great enough, we also got a CD and print-outs of our ultrasound images to take home and a DVD  recording of the ultrasound session so we could share the video with loved ones.

Really, really incredible. Looking back, our times at Becoming Mom have just made the experience and journey of being pregnant so much more enjoyable. From learning the gender early and getting a stuffed animal with the recording of her heartbeat inside, to seeing her face, hands and little movements in 4D… all of these things we wouldn’t have gotten at a regular doctor’s office… not to mention being able to enjoy spa services without worrying what kind of chemicals or products they’re using and if it’ll be harmful to the baby. It’s just been great. So if you know of anyone who’s preggo, definitely send them to Becoming Mom! It  makes “becoming mom” even more special! 🙂

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