Review: Cross Body Bags by Maruca

marucaSo, as I mentioned last week, I’m on a mission to not buy anything “maternity” during my pregnancy. I’ve been pulling things from my closet that fit me pre-pregnancy but have a little extra room or stretch in all the right places. Now that I’m 6 months pregnant, though, there are only about 20 things in my current wardrobe that I can still wear. But I’m still determined to not buy anything maternity (now I understand why my husband calls me hard-headed! haha!) So, I needed to go out and do a little shopping this weekend. I went to Target and found a ton of great maxi dresses, including this orange one. The maxis are awesome because they fit around the “girls,” have elastic around the ribs, and then are flowy and full of room from there on down.

My favorite place to accessorize is A Village Gift Shop in Glendale, so I went there next. I always find the best jewelry there (most of what I find is $15-30, so it’s REALLY affordable). Not only did I find great necklaces and bracelets this time though, but I also found a great new handbag. I think it’ll be a staple for my entire summer!

It’s a Cross Body Bag by Maruca. They’re made in Boulder, Colorado and have that boho chic, festival fashion feel to them.  I like them so much because they’re the perfect size, and I love the colors and patterns they use. The picture doesn’t do them justice, but their bags are made from a fabric called “Jacquard”…Jacquard means an intricately woven pattern using a special loom in the weaving process. Their threads are cottons, rayons and synthetics—many of which are from recycled plastic!

They’re reasonably priced at $70, and you’ll feel good when you buy these bags too because Maruca contributes to a bunch of different humanitarian causes, according to their website. To name a few… Boulder Valley Women’s Health, Attention Homes, I have a Dream, Children’s Diabetes Foundation, Boulder County Aids Project, Freedom Service Dogs, Community Food Share, and Attention Homes.

I just thought this was such an on-trend style with tons of outdoor concerts, fairs, and festivals like Bunbury coming up in Cincinnati this summer. There are lots of different styles available at A Village Gift Shop in Glendale, so I recommend checking them out!


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