My 32nd birthday is coming up next month on June 10, and I’m pretty excited about it. The number 32 has always been an important number for my husband and me. It’s been Pete’s lucky number since he was little, he was 32 when he met me (I was 23 — which is 32 backwards!), and 32 is the age I’ll be when I finally become a mommy! So, I’ve been suuuuuper excited for this birthday to arrive (which is rare to say after you hit 21).

Well, a couple weeks ago, my husband asks “Have you thought about what you want to do for your birthday?” Mind you, this is a man who usually scrambles the day before to get me something for any special occasion. So, to be planning this far in advance is a big deal for him. I tried to act like I hadn’t thought about it much, but I couldn’t hold it back any more. I just burst out “I’m so super excited for my birthday, I hope you’re doing something BIG!!!” haha!

And to my surprise, he says “Well, I wasn’t going to say anything but I know how you girls need to plan for things. So, without giving too much away, don’t plan anything for the week of your birthday.”

*jaw hits the floor*

Immediately, I start thinking of all the possibilities. Maybe it’s a staycation where we do all the things around the city we say we want to check out but never do. Or maaaaaybe it’s a trip to a place that’s warm and tropical! I had to know — the outfits for each are very different and a girl has to plan accordingly! So, I started prodding. He didn’t budge much on giving away any details, but I finally pulled the pregnancy card and told him that if it’s warm and tropical, I’m going to need a new, baby bump-friendly bathing suit. He smiled and said “You should probably get one of those, just in case.”


So, I went online and started searching for cute maternity bathing suits. But, wait. I had promised myself when I got pregnant that I wouldn’t buy anything “maternity” because 1) most are ugly 2) they’re expensive 3) you can’t really wear them again post-pregnancy. So, everything I’ve bought in the past few months has been non-maternity but designed in a way that give a little extra room where a growing belly needs it.

So, I stopped searching the online maternity bathing suit shops (they weren’t cute anyway!) and I started shopping, which is an AMAZING site if you’re looking for anything beachy. A friend recommended I check it out, so I did.

My new “SUN SEEKER BLACK by L Space Swimwear” bathing suit! I love it!

I love it because you can shop by trend, brand or newest arrivals, etc. You can also get your matching cover-ups, accessories and footwear on the site! When you’re shopping, many of the suits you click on will come with a suggestion of a cover-up/shoes/accessory that goes well with that particular suit, so they do the thinking for you — love that!

bathingsuit2I ended up going with the SUN SEEKER BLACK by L Space Swimwear. It just arrived last week and fits like a dream (yes, it makes me feel pretty in a bathing suit, even though I’m 6 months pregnant and shaped like Humpty Dumpty!). The blouson style strapless one-piece is classy and hides bumps and lumps in all the right places. I like that it has a shelf bra to keep the girls up, and full back coverage, but is still fitted around the bottom to give me some shape.

Their prices are about what you’d spend anywhere for a quality bathing suit (ie., not see-through or going to rip after a few dips in the pool). Mine, for example was $132. And they give you $10 off when you sign up for their email list, and ground shipping is free with any order.

While I was a little nervous to buy a bathing suit online, I did like that they have a 30-day return policy. So I could always get another style or size if the one I ordered didn’t fit. Luckily, I didn’t need that safety net and I fell in love with my suit right away. I still haven’t decided which tunic I want as a cover up though, but I’ll definitely be ordering one before the big trip. I also love all their dresses! So perfect for summer — in Cincinnati or somewhere tropical!

For now though, I’m going to work on squeezing more trip details out of the hubby! I’m so excited! A birthday trip! A babymoon! A bathing suit that fits when I’m 6 months pregnant! All things to be VERY happy about!!!


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