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My grandma, Mabel Storer
My grandma, Mabel Storer

A week and a half ago, my grandmother passed. She was my greatest inspiration, my biggest cheerleader, and still one of the most interesting people I’ve ever met.

She was 95 when she passed, so she lived a very full life. I remember her always telling stories – about growing up on a farm, milking the cows before school and realizing halfway through the day she had milk all over her shirt, starting a band with friends and making records together, working at the local newspaper – starting out as a secretary and eventually working her way up to be the editor of their Society page… I could go on… but like I said, she loved to tell her stories and I loved to listen to them. I’d give anything to sit next to her just one last time, holding her hand, as she recounted one of her many life adventures…

I was talking to a friend of mine Shane Pergrem, who owns True Artists Studio (they do the videography for all of our Cincy Chic events – check out our Youtube page here!). He had the same kind of special relationship with his grandfather. “He told some amazing stories to me as a kid. The kind of stories that you weren’t quite sure were completely true but they were exciting to hear and the way he told them was captivating,” Shane laughed.

While his grandfather past away when he was in high school, the memories of his great story telling lives on. It actually recently inspired Shane to launch Living Legacy Films, a new documentary series he’s producing for families to capture their stories on film.

“This gives each family the ability to archive history and pass it down to the next generation,” Shane explains. “We customize each film to each family’s interest. We’ve produced 10 minute shorts to 30 minute mini documentaries.”

I soooo wish I would have had the ability to do this with my grandma a few years ago before her memory started to deteriorate. We would have had a MUCH longer film than just 30 minutes though! haha!

This would be a great Christmas gift to give everyone in your family this year, and there’s still plenty of time to get it produced before then. From personally working with him so much over the years, I know you’ll love working with him AND the beautiful finished product he always creates.

Contact him at 859.305.1547 or Watch an example of one of Shane’s Living Legacy Films below!

Living Legacy Films presents: The Oeder Family from True Artists Studio on Vimeo.

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