Fall Skincare Tips

Ohhh… I’m so excited fall is finally here and it actually FEELS like fall now too! But unfortunately, my skin is still feeling the effects of summer (and pregnancy!). So I was talking with my dermatology expert friend Rebecca Noss about what’s good to do this time of year for your skin. She actually just went to a Rodan + Fields conference where she got all the latest and greatest info! She had some great insight and tips so I thought I’d share!

-Wear sunscreen at all times regardless if you have normal skin

-Be careful when using non-dermatologist/organic skincare products which don’t have clinical data to show results

-Use a macro-exfoliator at home to keep the dead skin cells sloughed (cheaper than a spa treatment and use it only 5 minutes a week)

– Hydrate your skin from the outside in. As the weather gets crisper and drier, you may want to apply a light moisturizer more frequently OR switch to a heavier moisturizer and eye cream to keep skin well hydrated. Since it’s the outside humidity that determines how dry your skin is – not how much water you consume – if you’re feeling dry, slather on that moisturizer. And since the humidity in your house should be kept at 50%, remember to turn on the humidifier.

On a personal note, I’ve been using the Rodan + Fields offers ESSENTIALS Moisturize with Melaslow product. It’s a light-weight lotion that dries to a matte finish to help hydrate and lock in moisture. They also have a SOOTHE Sensitive Skin Treatment I’ve been using that not only moisturizes skin but reduces redness, dryness, peeling and irritation in about five minutes.

I used Proactiv for years (even did commercials with them!), and now with my “mature” skin I’ve been using Rodan + Fields products (they’re the same doctors behind Proactiv actually!). I recommend working with Rebecca Noss because she isn’t just a R+F rep who just recently started learning about and selling skincare products. Her professional experience started in Dermatology Pharmaceuticals where she learned that products made by Dermatologists show evidence and clinical data that a product works. She eventually got tired of spending a second mortgage on her French skincare that claimed to work but didn’t, and that’s when she came across R&F.

She was having issues with brown spots in particular and started using their REVERSE line and then switched to the BEST Anti-aging skincare REDEFINE to treat her wrinkles and shrink the size of her pores. She said she was impressed with the line (and her skin truly glows) so she made the switch and also started selling it professionally. You can learn more about her and the products (and contact her too if you’d like) by visiting rebeccanoss.myrandf.com.

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