One-Day Golf Clinics at Lindale!

Melissa Kirkpatrick, Owner of Lindale Golf Club
Melissa Kirkpatrick, Owner of Lindale Golf Club

We recently did a story in Cincy Chic about Lindale Golf Course and her Golf Academy (click here to read it).

My friend Missy owns Lindale and she offers these one-day golf clinics too, which I think are AWESOME, especially for someone like me who has never picked up a club outside of high school gym class but want to because of the sheer business opportunity of it! Not to mention being able to play golf with my hubby, or with my parents who live on a golf course!

So, starting this week, Missy is going to be hosting some clinics to get beginners up to speed on the basics of golf Then, if you’d like to learn even more, you can attend the Golf Academy that we covered a few weeks ago! Click here to learn more and buy your tickets!

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