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My friend Jamie just sent out this letter asking for support of her new business, Pauir Athletic Apparel. We recently wrote this story about her business here in Cincy Chic. It’s such a cool concept and I hope you’ll learn more about it and consider supporting it!



With Breast Cancer Awareness month just behind us and Thanksgiving right around the corner, there is no better time to consider contributing to something very personal to me and my family…one that has the ability to change lives worldwide. Motivated by my own experience, I have designed a workout top designed specifically to meet the needs of women confronted by a limited range of motion due to the treatment and recovery of breast cancer.

It is called the pauir Workout Top and you can check out my story and the specifics of the top at Statistics show that women who workout during treatment greatly improve their chances of survival, and I’m testament to that fact. Moreover, I designed the top for any woman who desires dynamic, empowering workout apparel—providing an easy segue directly from the fitness arena to a social setting.

While the company is just up and running, we are depending in part on a huge boost from our Kickstarter campaign to help finance our first production run of 200 tops. Kickstarter is a crowdfunding site wherein start-ups like mine can gain important funding from friends, family, fans and anyone else impassioned about what we’re trying to do with the pauir Workout Top. One dollar can make all the difference and donating takes no more than five minutes; you can donate right here:

The deadline for raising $15,000 through our Kickstarter campaign is Wednesday November 26, 2014, so time is running out; if we don’t hit the goal, no money is collected and we get nothing. We are urgently calling on you to help get us to this mark in TWO WEEKS. If you are not able to donate right now, we ask that you please share this on Facebook, Twitter in emails…whatever the best format is for reaching your largest audience.

Thank you!

Jamie Hoffpauir

owner and CEO 





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