Foodie Cincy… Best Gift Idea Ever!

I’m almost done shopping for everyone on my Christmas gift list, but there are always a few “they already have EVERYTHING” types and I was at a loss for what to get them! I recently ran across Foodie Cincy at an event and fell in LOVE with the idea. It’s basically a deck of cards (52 cards) and each card acts like a $10 gift certificate at a local restaurant when you spend the minimum purchase (usually $30, which you’d spend on a date night dinner anyway).

I thought it was a great gift to give people because even though it’s only $40 for the deck, it’s actually worth $520 if you think about it, and it also gets you out enjoying your fave restaurants, and also experiencing different restaurants you might not have tried otherwise. I grabbed one for myself too because I’m always looking for new restaurants around town to check out, and I’d love to save money while doing it!

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