Get Sweet on Cupcake Crazy!

The Cupcake Crazy ladies at our 2013 Lady in Red event!

So, I attempted to get all Pinterest-y for Thanksgiving with cute little cupcakes that looked like turkeys….but they ended up looking like sick birds and nothing like the picture! haha! Definitely not cute enough to serve at Thanksgiving dinner (don’t worry though… I definitely still ate them after everyone left!) 😉

But the moral of the story here is that I wished I would have saved the time/hassle/mess and just called my friends at Cupcake Crazy. It’s a mom and her two daughters who own it and they’re all local gals. We’ve used them before for Cincy Chic events, and they’re AWESOME to work with. You just tell them what you’re thinking and show pics if you have them (THEIRS end up actually looking like the pictures! haha!)

But even though their name is “Cupcake Crazy,” they don’t just do cupcakes. They do cakes, cake pops, custom cakes in all sizes, and cookies too. And I love how they take a theme (or even a logo) and run with it. and also cute stuff for baby showers, graduations, weddings and corporate parties, etc.

And holy smokes do they taste good! They actually just won first prize in the Cincinnati Chocolate Festival for their Double Chocolate Kahlua Crunch Cupcake! YUM!

On their Facebook page, I’ve seen them post pics of the sweets they made with a Frozen, Thanksgiving, or Christmas theme! They even do Flying Pig Cake Pops that they trademarked this year! What a great idea to get a Pig runner as a reward for running… or to help carb-load before! haha! 🙂

My hubby and I went gluten free a couple years ago, and I was happy to hear that they have GF options too, which is huge! I know from experience that baking with GF flour is super difficult to get right.

They have a ton of info and pics on their website . You can even shop online  and even get nationwide shipping! They also have a great showroom that’s one mile south of Kenwood Towne Center on the corner of Montgomery and Stewart with easy access off of 71.

It’s been a big year for them, from what I see on Facebook. They’ve expanded over the past year, taking over about 2,000 square feet in addition to what they had, allowing them to be able to have space to do more!

To learn more, visit their website, “like” them on Facebook and they even have a google tour on their site as well to see inside the store!

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