New Loyalty Program at Cincy Organic Stylebar!

I just got an email from my gals at Cincy Organic Stylebar because they’re offering a new Loyalty Program! I’m always telling people where I get my hair done, so now I’ll be earning points for it! haha! 🙂 Check out all the details below about it!

Rewards program or not, I actually really do love going there and telling people about it. I initially started going when I was preggo because they’re all organic, and I stayed because they do an amazing job on color (I go to Megan there FYI) and cuts, and their people are SUPER nice, talented and accommodating (they have been great with adding on last minute mani/pedi services, or fitting me in for a hair appt when I find a window in my busy mama schedule, and also making events special when I’ve brought my Cincy Chic team in for pampering!) HIGHLY recommended!!!


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