Best Dark Circle Cream EVER!

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HydroPeptide Eye Authority

A couple months ago my mom looks at me lovingly and says “Honey, you have dark circles under your eyes.”

Oh mom, how quickly you forget what life with a newborn is like! haha!

But of course, when someone – especially your mom – says that to you, it’s the first thing you see when you look in the mirror. So I got a facial and asked the esthetician how I could get rid of my “baggage.”

She recommended HydroPeptide Eye Authority and said it acts like the soccer goalie – protecting the area and keeps as many toxins/free radicals out as possible on a cellular level – while also repairing the skin, reducing the puffiness/circles/fine lines. I liked how it made my skin feel after the facial, so I got a bottle of it and have been using it since.

I took a before picture when I first started taking it, and compared it with a picture I took of myself last night. I’m REALLY starting to see a difference! I thought I’d share my good results with you!

I love how it feels – very light (unlike a lot of undereye creams). But even more, I love how it’s working! Check out these before and after results!

photo 1
My before and after results from 6 weeks of using the HydroPeptide Eye Authority


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