Calling all Women Golfers (and Wanna-Bes!)

Melissa Kirkpatrick, Owner of Lindale Golf Club
Melissa Kirkpatrick, Owner of Lindale Golf Club

All this pretty weather has me thinking about all the fun activities I’d like to do OUTSIDE! Learning how to golf is one of the things on my bucket list I want to accomplish this year, and I found the perfect place to do just that! Lindale Golf Course is a public course, family-owned by a local woman (Melissa Kirkpatrick) who we actually did a story about last year in Cincy Chic! Click here to read the story and check out all the info I found about their “Intro to Golf for Women” classes coming up!

Their women’s leagues start mid-April with an 18-hole 8:30 am play “when you can” social league; Wednesday 9-hole 5:30 pm; beginner golfer scramble Tuesday 5:30pm. Then their men’s leagues starting April.

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