Locally-Launched “Lacelets” a Home Run Idea!

10448805_1610885202478278_2917403162642391760_nAs the Reds kick off their spring training this week, two baseball-loving Cincinnati sisters are preparing for a big year, too! Using replacement baseball glove lace, Alexis Rosenbaum and Hannah King create unisex customizable leather wrap bracelets, called “Lacelets,” and are hoping to take their business to the next level with this grand slam idea.

Just this week, Rosenbaum and King launched a Kickstarter that gives their small business independence, allows them to grow, and gives back to their Ohio community in a bigger way. With your help to spread the news, Baseball Lacelets can knock this out of the park. Check out the press release below for more info!



Cincinnati Sisters Launch Kickstarter Campaign With Hopes of Knocking It Out of The Park
Baseball Lacelets offers consumers opportunity to tell unique story

CINCINNATI, Ohio (March 3, 2015) – Ohio-based sisters Alexis Rosenbaum and Hannah King have loaded the bases with a home-run idea and now, a recently-launched Kickstarter campaign is up to bat.

Based in Cincinnati, Baseball Lacelets produces customized leather wrap bracelets made from the lacing in baseball gloves for men and women. Using replacement baseball glove lace from a U.S.-based tannery, Rosenbaum and King cut the lacing to size before creating a unique piece of unisex jewelry. Using a laser engraver, each bracelet can be customized to fit a consumer’s request for lyrics, quotes or
favorite phrases.

“The laser engraver became an integral part of our production process in 2014, but we realized pretty quickly that renting it was going to present an issue” said Rosenbaum. “Renting voids us of storage
capabilities at the factory and because we are sharing a machine, we waste time reconfiguring the machine to Lacelet settings.”

To cover their own laser engraver and rental space, Rosenbaum and King have introduced their Baseball Lacelets to Kickstarter with a goal of $18,000 in funding. The product, along with other incentives, can now be ordered by backing the project and those who order can expect to receive their reward no later than May 2015. In order for Baseball Lacelets to reach more wrists, Rosenbaum and King need to meet or exceed their Kickstarter goal by Tuesday, March 31, 2015 at midnight. If the project goal is not met, no incentives will be awarded.

“I believe in our product and the power of Kickstarter,” said King. “I think what’s so special is our Lacelets are handmade right here in Ohio and we try to give back to our community whenever possible. Now, we are turning to our fellow friends, fans and small businesses.”

Today, men, women, children and professional athletes ranging from the Cincinnati Reds to Seattle Mariners are wearing Baseball Lacelets.

“Our company has transformed into something we could have never imagined,” said Rosenbaum. “We are so excited to take things to the next level.”

For more information regarding the Baseball Lacelets launch, visit Baseball Lacelets’ Kickstarter campaign page.

About Baseball Lacelets

Founded by sisters Alexis Rosenbaum and Hannah King in February 2014, Baseball Lacelets produces customized leather wrap bracelets made from the lacing in baseball gloves. With a patent pending, Baseball Lacelets are handmade in Cincinnati. For more information, visit www.baseballlacelet.com or connect with us via Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.

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