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My friend Juetta West, who owns Turn It On Fitness — a FAB fitness/fashion brand — just uploaded this blog post on her site and asked if I could re-post it. Seeing as how this topic is right up my alley, I was happy to! ENJOY!


Summer is just around the corner and bathing suits should be fresh in our minds. How about some bikini time tips to settle your mind?  You know, one piece, two piece “Oh my” so many choices! We’re anxious for warmer temperatures yes, but not everyone shares the enthusiasm for bikini time.  We all have some gripes about swim wear, but two-pieces are especially trying. Tops aren’t the right size, bottoms ride up. To unpack all those problems and leave them behind, let’s talk some solutions for bikini time girls, so we can get you on your way to fun in the sun! Tan lines optional!

Bikini Time

Bikini Time Tips

If you’re not keen on flashing cheek to random beach-goers
Here’s a bikini time tip #1:  Pair a bikini top with board shorts for maximum coverage on the bottom.  Most stores have the mix-and-match selection for us surfer girls.  This makes pattern-mixing super easy.  So catching that wave you can be more confident.

If your top just won’t stay put
Bikini time tip #2: You’re going to want to try styles with more structured shapes and built-in support. We want the girls to be comfortable but no nip slip! Look for a defined bra insert.

If you feel most confident when your belly button isn’t on display
Bikini time tip #3:  Take cues from Taylor Swift with high-waisted briefs. She’s the queen of retro shape in shorts, pants and now bathing suit bottoms. This style offers plenty of coverage where you want it most.  And guess what?  It’s OH SO CUTE!

If awkward tan lines aren’t your thing
Bikini time tip #4:  Stick to classic silhouettes, like the the triangular top and standard-rise bikini brief. These styles give you the all-over even tan.  Just don’t forget the sunscreen girls.

If you want to swim laps without suffering wardrobe malfunctions
Bikini time tip #5:  Search out a more athletic style (think thick straps and full coverage). These are made to go the distance — whether butterfly or backstroke, this style has you covered and looking like a Champ!

If you like extra coverage on the bottom
Bikini time tip #6:  Shop the skirted look! The loose fabric draping over your booty will add that touch of modesty that puts you at ease walking the beach looking for starfish or whatever might pass by!

If beach volleyball is your jam
Bikini time tip #7:  Make sure your maillot (one-piece tank) is fit to play the game. Sporty halter-necks look cool, and they’re also more supportive than a flimsy string bikini. Make sure everything stays in place while spiking the ball so you won’t leave your top around your waist.  OMG, this is not what you planned.

If your bikini is always coming untied
Bikini time tip #8:  To avoid this YIKES moment, forgo the strings and hooks altogether. Opt for swim pieces you can slip on instead of tying or clasping. Easy on and easy off with no knots and strings tangling is the way to go.

If you’re getting physical at the beach
Bikini time tip #9:  Rash guards with long sleeves protect your skin from friction burns that can happen when surfing or scuba diving. Pair your Rash with any bottom type that gives you the coverage you desire. Now that was simple and easy!

If the girls feel better when they’re together
Bikini time tip #10:  Molded, under-wire cups are a solid choice to keep the girls together, at least that’s what my BFF with double D’s says. It’ll provide the shape and support you need to feel comfortable poolside or at the beach. Not to mention it will hold the girls in place if you decide to take a 5 mile run. Now that’s what I call “bound and determined”.

And don’t forget wherever you go this bikini time season make sure you have suntan lotion and a styling hat for great coverage.

For some additional bikini time images and information on the bikini looks for summer:

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