My Post-Babybod Weightloss Mission

For this #transformationtuesday, I wanted to share my post-babybod progress (even though my before pic is y-u-c-k)! I remember taking it. I was 7 months post-baby, still wearing maternity clothes, and I was wondering if this was just going to be my tired, frumpy, achy body for the rest of my life. But it hit me that I have a little girl watching me, learning from me, and following in my footsteps now. I want to raise a strong, healthy, happy, and confident little girl. The only way to do that was for me to be one, too. So, right then, I decided I was going to do whatever it took to become just that. I’m still not where I want to be, but here’s a pic of March 3 vs June 9… 14lbs down, but more importantly, I *feel* good. My joints aren’t hurting any more (that was scary), my energy/motivation/confidence is back, and I’m finally fitting into my pre-pregnancy clothes!! I did an awesome 24-day cleanse to help break a big plateau (thank you Tara Montgomery with Advocare!!), but it’s truly the old-fashioned stuff that works wonders — smaller/more frequent/clean meals, exercise (❤P90X!), and lots and lots of water (less wine & coffee … Of course, except on my birthday tomorrow! Haha!)


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