Awesome Ohio Products at A Village Gift Shop in Glendale!

necklaceI love Ohio. More specifically, I love Cincinnati. I’m from the cornfields of Harrison, went to college in Oxford, and I even started a business with “Cincy” in the name! haha! So, when I find cool things to let me show my city pride (in a chic, non-cheesy way of course), I’m on it!

20131101-084016That’s just one of the reasons why I love A Village Gift Shop in Glendale. I know, I know, you probably think I’m obsessed with this store (which is completely true). But I write about it so often, and all the cool things I find there because it never fails, whenever I wear something from there, I get several compliments and people always ask where I got it (check out a few of the pieces pictured that I’ve gotten there!)IMG_7933

But in addition to cute jewelry (and house wears like we wrote about in this week’s feature story on Cincy Chic), they also carry a ton of great Ohio products.

The store went all out getting decorated (check out the pic!) for the All-Star games and have started to stock a ton of products to celebrate Ohio and the Cincinnati area.

11665596_10153327506195971_9108388743091012995_nChart necklaces and bracelets are made in Maine and are wonderful maps of our hometown or the town your heart is in. Lots of people wear chart necklaces for the city or state their child now lives or that they love to vacation or grew up.ohio_1

Cat Studio makes hometown-proud home goods! I have given lots of them my friends or family who have moved away. They love them! Kids love them too because there’s so many fun things to look at and hidden gems to research and explore!

Rookwood Pottery is also a classic, Cincinnati favorite that’s carried at A Village Gift Shop (they carry the tiles and vases). Tiles have scenes of Cincinnati and they even carry the Cincinnati reds tiles. Check out the pic below — even better check them out in person at the shop! (3 Village Sq Glendale, Ohio)


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