Sloane Boutique DEEP Sale This Week, 30-80% Off!

It’s easy to spend a pretty penny at Sloane Boutique in OTR. They carry some of the best women’s clothing brands with chic and trendy yet classic and well-made pieces — but you get what you pay for, so this isn’t the place to go if you want a bargain. That is, until Sloane has its annual DEEP Sale. Then you can can your cake (designer brands) and eat it too (at deep discounts). And when they say deep, they aren’t kidding! Promos say that the discounts are 30-80% and when the owner Duru emailed me about the sale, she said some items are even 90% off! The sale starts tomorrow at noon and goes throughout the week. Check it out! 1216 Vine Street Cincinnati OH 45202


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