Curate Boutique is Baaaaaaack!


By now, you probably know my love for Curate Boutique and Courtney the owner. I was so proud to see her open her store and then so sad to see it close a couple short years later. But a lot changed in that time – even I started to do a ton of my shopping online, and I always resisted it because I know shopping local is so important.

But with a baby on board, being on bed rest, and then confined to the house with a newborn over the past couple of years, my time spent in brick-and-mortar stores (clothing and otherwise) is becoming less and less. I’m even doing my grocery shopping online now!

But enough about me… the big news here is that CURATE BOUTIQUE ONLINE IS NOW OPEN! (insert dancing lady and celebration blowhorn emoji!!!) Click here to check it out for yourself! Lots of awesome summer stuff on clearance, and tons of new fall arrivals… all from the comfort of home. 🙂

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