Review: Girls Night with Gild Collective


My girlfriends came across Gild Collective at a recent Cincy Chic event and wanted to try it out (and I’ve been wanting to do it ever since I found out about them, but I’ve been too lazy to coordinate it!)

So, quickly after that event, my friends were on it. They had picked a night to host the event, and were given a Gild website link we could go to, pay online (so you/a friend doesn’t have to track everyone’s payment down), and the site even let you personalize your craft… we were making nail/string states, so you could choose which state you wanted, and even change the color of the string. gild2

After we paid online and customized our craft supplies, all we had to do was wait for the event date and bring refreshments when the day finally rolled around. Didn’t have to go to hardware and craft stores. Didn’t have to lug all the supplies to the get-together. Just showed up with a bottle of wine and a smile (and a hammer)…. my kind of party. 😉

There was a Gild rep there, who showed us how to do the craft each step of the way and offered helpful pointers — we even commented later that the craft would have been a lot more confusing and frustrating without her. She was super friendly and funny, so she fit right in.

At the end of the night, each one of our crafts looked so unique and perfect for each of our personalities (so much better than those places you go and everyone’s art looks pretty much the same). And these are crafts that actually turn out to be great decor pieces that you want to have around your house.

So, if I had to rate the experience, it would definitely be an A. It’s more expensive than going out and buying all the items yourself, but you pay for the ease and convenience. And it’s probably still less expensive than if you’d buy the decor item in a store.

The site made it easy to pay, the Gild rep made the craft easy to make, and the item I made looks like something I would buy (not a look-what-I-made-in-art-class kind of craft)… Oh, and we had a LOT of fun in the process! Definitely recommend them! They’ll be doing mini crafts at the Seasonably Chic Showcase Nov. 7 at the Phoenix (Click here to RSVP – it’s free to attend – just bring a canned good!) if you’d like to learn more about them/sign up for your own craft night then!


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