Review: STMT Grace Skirt (aka best skirt EVER!)

If you asked me to pick my ONE favorite item in my wardrobe right now, I know exactly what I’d tell you: My STMT Grace skirt. I love everything about it… the color, the interesting hemline, the comfortable fabric, the slimming fit…

My friend Teresa Washington, who used to live and own a boutique here in Cincinnati (she moved to Chicago, but she still has events in Cincinnati — we just did one with her in June!) started the line, STMT, and she’s doing SO awesome! Check out her FB page where she posts when celebs wear her pieces and when she’s featured in national expos!

But I wanted to post a review about this skirt because it’s seriously the best skirt in the history of skirts — it’s now my favorite piece in my wardrobe, that I know will look good and be comfortable no matter if I’m going to a business meeting, or just hanging out at the house with the little one. It also has a great “flow” to it… when I walk it floats behind me like I’m a Disney princess; when I twist, it twirls around me; when I go down stairs, it billows and bounces … it just, I don’t know how to better explain it other than saying “It just makes me feel really, really, ridiculously pretty.”

It sells for $56 (on sale right now for $25!) and considering that I’ve worn it 4,298,999 times already, I definitely am getting a great cost per wear! And the feeling really pretty thing is pretty priceless, amiright? 😉 Highly recommended! It also comes in black — my former intern Niyah blogged about that version here. (<< her blog, “Inexpensive Chic,” is awesome by the way!)

The Grace Skirt! I love how it’s styled with the hi-low cut centered on the side here! I’m going to have to try that!
Me wearing the skirt for my daughter’s first birthday party. I wanted to look cute but also be comfortable with all the running around I was doing that day! Mission accomplished!
Pair the skirt and white tee with a jacket and you have a work-appropriate outfit!
A great weekend look paired with a floral top (and no the leafy bra isn’t part of the outfit… I was decorating it for the Oct. 2 Bras with Flair event on Fountain Square!)
I love pairing the skirt with a t-shirt and flip flops and hanging out at the house with my kiddo. She loves how flowy it is!
Teresa Washington styling her model for their photoshoot! She’s a true artist!



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