Review: Bleux Water Spa in Mariemont


This weekend, I enjoyed  a MUCH-needed R&R day at the new Bleux Water Spa in Mariemont. I can honestly say it’s the most unique spa I’ve been into in the Greater Cincinnati area. All the services use fresh mineral water directly from the spring and aquifer the spa sits on!

I got a 60-minute massage (after which you soak in a mineral water bath and drink cucumber-infused mineral water so you’re getting all the nutrients internally and through your pores.

Wondering what the actual benefits of mineral water are? There are a ton, from what I learned, but the biggest ones are that it’s higher in magnesium and silica so it helps with achy muscles and skin elasticity. It also helps with heart regulation and preventing the absorption of hard metals, but they had me at easing my new-mom achy muscles and looking forever young! haha! 🙂

And in addition to the awesome mineral water spa services, I also loved the spa itself. It looked like a Montana lodge with lots of luxe, yet shabby chic, touches. I even loved the vintage china they served their coffee in!

I’ve only seen mineral water spas in California so it’s nice to have one here now! Bleux Water Spa is located at 7257 Wooster Pike Cincinnati, Ohio, and you can click here to like them on Facebook!

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