Gem Steady’s New #THINKandDrive Campaign, Jewelry Collection

SAM_1You never think it’ll happen to you. You hope it never happens to someone you love. Unfortunately for some, it does. But it doesn’t have to.

My friend, Brittany, knows this all too well now. She got a call the other day saying her husband had been in an accident. He and his motorcycle were hit by a distracted driver. 12189393_10153133628805496_5074596129727985783_o

The good news is that he will recover. The bad news is that it will take a considerable amount of time after many surgeries (he’s had five thus far, and the accident only happened days ago) and therapy to get him better again.

Not only is this difficult to deal with on a personal level for the couple, but they’re also entrepreneurs together. Her husband is a jewelry maker, and it’s right before the holidays – their busiest, bread-and-butter time of year.

SAM_2So, now instead of him working away to fulfill lots of holiday orders, he’s limited to his bed and wheelchair. Now instead of their bread-and-butter for the business, they’re hit with thousands in medical bills.

Brittany, having the beautiful creative mind that she has, came up with a way to make their mess their message. She launched a #THINKandDrive campaign to spread awareness about the crushing effects of distracted driving. And at the end of the day, it also creates a line of items she can make while their master jewelry designer is out. SAM_3

They’re actually really cool bracelets that you can customize with your favorite metal and gem –each having a unique meaning and energy. Click here to check them out and buy yours if you feel so inclined. A great holiday gift — for the person you give it to, and also this special couple who need it most right now.

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