Review: Groupon Coupons

There were a lot of things I knew would change when I became a mom. Like my sleep schedule and social calendar (or lack thereof). What they don’t tell you are little things like how long it takes you to get ready to go anywhere. As in… that quick 30-minute trip to the mall? Yeah, now it takes 3,487,975 minutes… just to get out the door. Oh, and my “cute shoes” budget is now the “diaper and formula budget”… well, at least until I found the miracle mecca I’m about to tell you about.

Hope you’re sitting down. At a computer. Wait, you’re reading this, so we’re good. Go to and this my friends will be your new favorite site to save on just about anywhere you want to shop, especially if you’re shopping online.

Now, if you’re like me, you see Groupons and think “Sweet! Half off deal at my favorite sushi restaurant.” Yes, it’s that same Groupon but they have this tab for coupons that I just discovered.

Now this isn’t your 40 cents off milk kind of grocery coupon site. This is more like 60% off Christmas toys for your kids, 40% off that cologne you wanted to get your husband, and 35% off the all-inclusive trip you just booked for summer vacation.

These coupons are free, and they have 70,000 coupons from 9,000+ stores like BabiesRUs, Sam’s Club, Kohl’s, Office Depot, JC Penney, FootlockerHarry and David, Nine West, Loft, and even Lord & Taylor.

So, I just thought I’d share my little savings secret with you since now I’ve used several and I’m officially obsessed. Seriously. Go to Groupon Coupons, bookmark it and check the site before you buy anything to see if there’s a deal! You’ll get obsessed too. And look good doing it. Because a Groupon Coupon got your outfit at 40% off.

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