Review: More Haley & The Hound

Last month, I told you about my new favorite shirt I got (by Haley & The Hound, which here in Cincinnati you can get at Monkees of Madeira). Well, I guess I’m officially addicted because I got three more Haley & The Hound tops. They are seriously the BEST. Made really well, fit perfectly, trendy but also classic because I can see me wearing these pieces years from now. The fabrics are comfortable, easy to wash and travel well (especially nice when I’ve been living out of luggage the past couple weeks visiting family for the holidays). They’re also the pieces in my closet that I don’t have to think about — just throw them on with some cute accessories and you know they’ll look great. No dryer shrinking (because Lord knows I don’t need the dryer shrinking my clothes after I already “shrunk” them with all those holiday snacks and sweets!) haha!

Below are my new Haley & The Hound tops! Click here to check out their site to see what else they have!

IMG_0512 IMG_0515 IMG_0521

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