The Self-Care Challenge


As a new mom, it’s difficult to make myself a priority. So many people needing something from me, depending on me, and wanting me to do something (as in, NOW mom!). Well, needless to say I’ve been feeling drained but didn’t know how to fix it and then I read this article that a friend had shared on Facebook. It’s about a three step Self-Care Challenge.

The first step is to “Practice” by asking yourself what can you do to take care of YOU and why you don’t. The next is to “Reflect” on your answer. The third is to “Share” what you learned. So, I’m writing this blog to check off that last part, but let me tell you about my journey with the first two…

My answer was that I feel guilty when I take time away from my family and need to take a “time out” for me. The article literally came back with an answer that spoke to me, saying “What if I treated yourself more like a valued resource and less like old TV you’ve got to bang around to make it work?” That’s exactly what I’ve been doing… explains why my brain has been feeling a little static-y lately! haha!

The article encourages you to find four to six specific things that you can do to take better care of yourself. Mine are to sleep, exercise, outsource a couple of my household duties (like using Kroger ClickList do to my grocery shopping!) and last but not least, I want a monthly massage. Just an hour away from the world, no phones, no cleaning up messes, and no melt-downs. Having the stress literally melt away from my knotted up, tired, tense muscles. Ahhhh…

It’s easy to lose track of time and forget if you got a massage that month or not. Or make an excuse about not having time. Or start letting the guilt creep back in that you should be using that money for something else. I pass by a Massage Envy every time I’m on my way home, and I know they have monthly memberships where you get a monthly massage for a discounted rate. You can also get discounted and free massage/other spa services if you want to get extras for others.

That’s PERFECT for me because I run a business and use things like this for staff incentives, reader giveaways, and client gifts. It’s also great for things like Mother’s Day gifts because no matter where mom my mom is (she loves to travel now that she’s retired) there’s probably a Massage Envy.

More importantly, it’s perfect for me because it puts ME on my own calendar. Through this Self-Care Challenge, I learned that I just needed to find the specific things that made me feel better and more balanced. I kept filling my schedule and time with things that needed me, but didn’t listen to what I needed. Just this one little getaway a month helps me to stop that cycle. Instead of banging around that old TV, I’m getting it tuned up, and I’ve honestly never felt better. Highly recommended!

I encourage you to check out the article and share your self-care story, too!

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