Tips for Home, Child Safety!

As a new mom, especially a mom of a newly-mobile little one, I am SUPER excited to work on this project with P&G. They want to help parents like me keep our homes as safe as possible, so they connected me with an expert from Cincinnati Children’s Hospital to help me learn about all the little things around the house that you don’t typically think of as being a danger but can be if you’re not aware. And if you have a little one, watched one, or have been around one for any point in time, you’ll know they’re into EVERYTHING. So the more you can learn little tips like these, the better! The biggest thing I learned from the expert as we went through the house is about child-proofing the laundry room. It’s the one I never even thought about when we initially child-proofed the house (I’m the only one who does laundry so I figured no one else would be in there). But it’s a really important room to safeguard — everything from cords on blinds, plugging electrical outlets, and keeping your laundry pacs up out of a child’s reach and the container closed to keep your family safe. Sounds so simple, but now that I made those few little tweaks I feel SO much better! Check back every few days, and I’ll have more helpful tips for you here on the blog! I also encourage you to check out this site to learn more about keeping your home and family safe!

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