Eco-Chic Fashion Show Recap!

As a Throwback Thursday, I’m throwing it aaaaaaaall the way back to almost a week ago 🙂 Last Friday, we held our sixth annual Eco-Chic Fashion Show at the Krohn Conservatory and it was amaaaaazing! Not only did we raise nearly $3k for the Friends of Krohn, but we also showcased 20 fabulous looks that are eco-friendly from head to toe… literally! In fact, all of these hairstyles were created using techniques with no water or electric, thanks to the fab stylists at Paul Mitchell the School – Cincinnati! How eco-chic is that?

I also want to give you more info about Clothes Mentor, who provided all the clothes, shoes and accessories for the show! As I mentioned at the event, you’ll want to get on their email list because they let you know about amazing sales, when they’ll pay extra for certain items, exclusive shopping events, etc. So, click on the link below of the store closest to you and then click “Join the List.” I also want to let you know that they offer FREE in-store styling services. So, for example, we have our annual Night in White event coming up where everyone is asked to wear something white. I can call up the store, tell them when I’m coming in and my size, and they will pull outfits (clothing, shoes and accessories) that fit the color/style I’m looking for. All I have to do is show up, try things on, and leave with what I like! I’ve personally done this a few times and LOVE it… oh and it’s free so you can never go wrong with that, right? 🙂 The phone number and email address of each store is listed on the links below if you want to contact them up to set up an in-store styling session!

Fashion Show hair services provided by: Paul Mitchell the School – Cincinnati
Makeup: Earthly Glam
Fashions/Shoes/Accessories: Clothes Mentor
Models: Loft Talent
Photography: Studio One Photography

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