Review: Dr. Bartlett at Somi Javaid & Assoc.

Call me high-maintenance, but there are two things I love: saving time and feeling special.

That’s probably why I LOVE Dr. Bartlett at Somi Javaid MD & Assoc. so much.

I found out about this place a little over a year ago. First for their aesthetic services – they carry my favorite makeup line Jane Iredale there, plus they do facials, microderms, Botox, fillers, etc. Then on the other side of the business, they have all their gyno services. Earlier this year, they brought on Dr. Sarah Bartlett to take these services to the next level and supply the demand (I mean, how great that you can get all these things done under one roof, at a place that feels like a spa and not a hospital… saving time AND feeling special!)

Dr. Bartlett actually told me she spends about twice as much time with her patients here versus her previous places of practice. I know I’ve felt just like a number before, being shuffled in and out like cattle. As much as I love saving time, time talking with my doctor isn’t a place I want to cut corners. So, this is a nice change of pace where you walk in, everyone knows your name (cue the Cheers jingle), the doctors take time to truly listen, plus, because everything’s connected (for example, if you’re like me and have a hormone imbalance that not only affects reproductivity, but also your skin) everything can be handled at one place! It’s really a great concept.

Dr. Bartlett provides the full spectrum of gynecologic services (covered by insurance!!) including annual exams, adolescent care, menopausal care hormone therapy, infertility evaluation and treatment, as well as all forms of birth control. She provides ultrasounds, on-site lab services, and minor surgeries in the comfort of the office, as well as major gynecologic surgeries at several area hospitals. Because of the unique focus and setting of the practice, she is able to offer additional services including sexual health issues and weight management. Plus, there’s all the aesthetic on the other side of the business, which I told you about and LOVE!

Named one of Cincinnati’s “Top Docs” by Cincinnati Magazine, Dr. Bartlett provides state-of-the-art gynecologic care with a comfortable and welcoming touch. She also offers evening hours to accommodate the lives of busy women. Learn more about her and Somi Javaid MD & Assoc. at and check out the virtual tour I made of the place below!

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